Ramadan Prep: Ramadan & Desires



Speakers: Wisam Sharieff & Abdelrehman Murphy

Date: 7/23/11

Ramadan isn’t about fasting. Ramadan is the month of Quran, and in order to let the Quran into your heart, you should cleanse it (the heart) of any impurities first inshaAllah.

‘Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire - of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.’ [3:14]

Transliteration: Zuyyina linnasi hubbuashshahawati mina annisa-i wal baneen awalqanateeri almuqantarati mina aththahabiwalfiddati walkhayli almusawwamati wal-anAAamiwalharthi thalika mataAAu alhayatiaddunya wallahu AAindahu husnualmaab. [3:14]

We must realise that Allah swt beautifed this Dunya for us, so you have to realise it’s there

The Five things Allah refers to as beautified desires in Ayah 14:

  1. Al-Nisaa:  refers to women. The prophet PBUH says he saw has not left a bigger fitnah on this earth greater than women. For the brothers, make sure you lower your gaze! Fitnah is everywhere- especially in the Western world. And for us sisters, let’s not be that fitnah! Why give ourselves and our brothers bad deeds when we can all together avoid it? InshaAllah modesty is the way to go!
  2. Al-Baneen: usually refers to sons; we desire to have children. But more than that, it is referring to the feeling of  being part of a big group. We all desire to be a part of a bigger group. For example, being part of a bigger family always brings one comfort and good feelings. Mankind has the desire for the opposite gender and the desire to be in a bigger group. This desire is natural, healthy and good for you but in Ramadan the focus should be on yourself and your relationship with Allah swt.
  3. Heaped-up sums of gold and silver:  We as humans are attracted money. The influences around us are very focused on ‘cash-money’ and ‘bling bling’. So inshaAllah this Ramadan, if you have a job and money, try cutting back on what you spend on this world. 
  4. Fine branded horses: What’s the logo on the Ferarri? A standing stallion. This part of the ayah is referring to all those things that Allah swt knows we love such as luxurious cars and automobile department.
  5. Cattle/tilled land: Food. In Ramadan, the food is exotic and in large amounts. Self discipline yourself this Ramadan inshaAllah by toning it back a bit- don’t eat too much. We need to learn to control ourselves when it comes to food and not over stuff ourselves. 

To end the ayah, Allah swt says that these are desires of the world, and we may enjoy them but Allah swt has the Ultimate Reward.

When we are faced with these desires, instead of saying ‘oh my God!’ and just turning away, let’s try saying: ‘O Allah, protect me from those desires and guide me.’

Ramadan is the month of self reflection. We need to take full advantage of this month to change ourselves for the better inshaAllah.

What are the blessings for fasting?

Allahu aalam! (Allah knows best) One of the only acts of worship that Allah swt doesn’t specify the reward for. So you never know how much reward you get for fasting. You never know what Allah will bless you with for your sacrifices.

Desires: What you allow to get to your heart will grow into and magnify to the rest of your body. So we need to limit what we listen to, the things we do, the stuff we say. Let’s make that filter extra strong for Ramadan. 

What does it mean to be religious?

Being religious means knowing that what you’re doing is absolutely right. If your heart tells you not to do something, don’t do it! Always do what feels right not what your desires lead you to do.

You also need to look the part. And that doesn’t neccessarily mean just dressing like a Muslim. That means acting like one. The way you talk and the way you walk must resemble the utmost modesty. In that sense, no one can tell you you’re not religious; only you can tell yourself that you’re not religious. 

DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE IF THEY CHANGE IN RAMADAN. Ramadan is a Rehab Clinic. We all go in to better ourselves spiritually. We all go in together, have iftaar together, pray taraweeh together, all to better ourselves. Just like a rehab center, you do group activities with people in order to work on your problems. So do not kick anyone of this rehab center.  You might be asked about why that person did not make the change.. what will you answer? 

‘Fasting is like a medication which you take when you’re sick.’

Why do we fast and why does Allah swt take away those 3 things away from us? (food, water, sexual intercourse with spouse)

Allah swt takes away 3 halal things away from us during Ramadan. Why?

  1. To make us realise that if we can stay away from the halal (which is harder to stay away from than the haram) then we can certainly stay away from the haram! 
  2. So that we feel the feeling of hunger and thirst. Can we tell our stomaches to stop growling and tell our body that it’s not thirsty? Can we shut them up? No. We can’t resist those feelings, just like we shouldn’t resist the feeling of being close to Allah swt. The same way we look forward to iftaar and food, we should look forward to the akhira and what’s waiting for us! inshaAllah.

So let’s all make this Ramadan the most productive one yet inshaAllah. Let’s cleanse our hearts of any impurities, and let’s make that change that we just haven’t had the motivation to make! Remember that no one will know exactly how much you’re doing or striving for except Allah swt. 

Jazaak’Allah Kher…wasn’t home when this went on.. :)

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